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the First meeting of hematology breakthroughs

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the First meeting of hematology breakthroughs

On the behalf of the clinical hematology unit, internal medicine department, Cairo University, it is a pleasure and honor to welcome the rising hematology youngsters, distinguished professors and senior academics of hematology from top universities across Egypt, who are present today in one of the most magnificent places to visit in Egypt , Hurghada. As a Hematologist, I believe that we are really lucky, for working in a field that is swiftly changing, specifically diagnostic tools, and therapeutic approaches which are unbelievably getting better as time goes by. That's why, we chose the title, “Hematology breakthroughs". I would like to take the opportunity to announce that we intend to meet three or four times annually, as we plan to include a number of governorates every time. At this meeting , we are starting with the beautiful governorates of upper Egypt. I do hope that the meeting would be an initiative to exchange and share knowledge, research, and experiences regarding the very recent updates in the field of hematology. We will do our very best to be such pioneers among other meetings held in Egypt, and we promise to seek professionalism and be better every time. We extend our promise to organize the "First annual conference" of the clinical hematology unit, Cairo University, by the end of this year. I am eagerly looking forward to an exceptional gathering with brilliant hematologists. And I hope that the splendid backdrop of the beautiful and historic city of Hurghada will add to the pleasure of the meeting and provide lasting memories beyond science. I wish we would exceed your expectations, hoping to create an unforgettable event