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IEOS 2022

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IEOS 2022

Dear IEOS Partners;

This year’s annual conference is a different one as we have recently lost an eminent founder of IEOS conference the great prof. Rabab Gaafar is a well-known figure of oncology in Egypt & Middle East. Prof. Rabab was a mentor and a role model for the oncology community in Egypt for many years . She was also an honorary president and head of advisory board of the IEOS conference. One that will never be forgotten. We tried to overcome our sadness and feelings of loss and translate it into an appreciation to her long scientific journey. So, this year’s conference will be titled, Iconic prof. Rabab Gaafar Event. It has always been our belief that bringing global knowledge to home is best done through courageous Egyptian scientists, who are working in different countries around the world. Immigrant Egyptian brains are the best-qualified ambassadors to help us achieve the progress we need at home. We need to continue to work with vision, new concepts and according to the up-to-date international standards. The expected fruitful advice and cooperation is the core of this meeting, as we strongly believe that immigrant Egyptian brains are the ones, to be able to provide this without self-interest and with love. There are examples of so many great worlds class Egyptians, who have proved this many times and made great impact on Egypt. These eminent Egyptian experts will attend this forum, to brainstorm and discuss with us, how we can best cooperate together for the benefit of all Egyptian citizens and for the field of Oncology in Egypt. This interaction aims at providing our country the best possible advices to broaden the vision for today's rising cancer alerts in the country and to share ideas across various cancer disciplines as wel