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11th International Conference of Oncology Center Mansoura University

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11th International Conference of Oncology Center Mansoura University

It gives me a great pleasure to extend my invitation to you to attend The 11th International
Conference of Oncology Centre Mansoura University, that will be held from the 16–17
March,2023 at Tolip Royal Hotel Alexandria
The theme of this year’s conference is Towards best practice in cancer care and Developing
Countries by Oncology Centre Mansoura university It is concerned with the obstacles, faced
in every developing country, that are almost identical and can be summarized as the results
of poor standards of health care and restricted resources.
Egypt, a hypnotizing harbour for the congress, is the cradle of civilization and mother of the
enchanting Pharaonic, Coptic, and Islamic monuments. The addictive charm of the Nile and
the breathtaking aromas of ancient and modern busy places,infused with the most
welcoming warm faces, shall compel you to always come back to experience more of this
exotic city that is both modern and loud, yet it still proudly wears its ancient history carved
within millenniums of civilization.
This conference will be a multi-disciplinary forum where pioneering national and international
experts shall build a constructive review, exchange knowledge, and give an all-inclusive
experience in cancer.
Management. The Conference approves open discussions on recent advances and
challenges concerning this field.
Looking forward to welcoming you in Egypt.

Prof. Waleed El-Nahas